Change Sound Settings in Windows 10

So you're joining a Zoom/Hangouts/Teams call, and you can't hear anyone, or they can't hear you. Maybe you're just trying to play Spotify and nothing is coming out your speakers. Let's fix that!

First make sure the little speaker icon in the bottom right of your screen doesn't have an "x" - If so, it's on Mute, click to turn that off.

Then right click on the speaker icon and go to "Open Sound Settings"

The sound settings display lets you choose your default devices.

Under Output, choose "Speakers" or if your monitor has speakers in it (like mine does here) choose to output to your monitor. Some monitors have a speaker/headphone jack if that's more convenient than the jack on your physical computer. if you're on a laptop, you should always choose "Speakers" unless you have Bluetooth headphones, then choose those!

Under Input, make sure you're either choosing "Microphone Array" on a laptop, or the Webcam or headset on a desktop. I'm using my webcam's built in microphone here.

If you use a Softphone on VOIP or Teams/Skype/Zoom/Hangouts/etc you may want to go into the "App volumes and device preferences."

Under the App Volume settings, you can specify which device you want to use for different programs. Let's say you want audio output for Spotify through your speakers, but Microsoft Teams through a headset, you'd do that here.

If you're still having trouble, please reach out to and we'd be happy to help!

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