Zoom - Creating Meetings and Using Securely

How to create a Zoom account and use it.

First go to zoom.us and click on "Sign Up", fill the information asked and go to your email to confirm and finish the sign up process, after finishing the sign up, log in and on the top left you'll see "resources" click on it and then "download zoom client"

After you download, install and log in into Zoom you should get a screen like this:

You are ready to create and join meetings, now for the next steps I'll show how to create meetings and to make sure they are the secure.

When you want to schedule a meeting, click on the 'schedule' option and a pop up window will appear:

When the window pops up, you will have different options to choose, and you can select the options you would like, some recommendations are:

1 - Use 'Generate Automatically' instead of Personal ID, for every time you create or schedule a meeting.

2- Passwords are good to have if you are sharing the link publicly and is sharing the password privately, we recommend that you never share the meeting link that will be generate publicly, otherwise you can uncheck the password option.

3 -  Video for Host, if you would like to start the meeting with your webcam on or off, same for participants.

4 - Audio, if you want the person to be able to join video telephone and/or with computer audio (their microphone)

5 - Calendar if you would like to add the event to your email calendar.

6 - Inside advance options we recommend that you use the Enable Waiting Room, using that option what will happen is when you are hosting meetings, the people who join the meeting will have to be approved by you before entering the room, in that way you will be able to avoid "intruders" in your meeting, also recommend the participants to join with their First and Last Name so you can identify who is it, leave unchecked the Enable Join Before host, so everyone has to wait for you to join the meeting to be able to see each other, also check the option where it says to mute participants on entry, that way you avoid background noise and you whoever needs to speak can unmute themselves for the time they would like to speak.

7 - If you would like to record the meeting that's also an option, but be aware that depending on how long is the meeting that can use lot of your computer storage.

After you are done you can press 'Schedule'

After scheduling you will see three dots, after clicking on it, you will see copy invitation, after copying it, you can paste on email or anywhere where you would like to share with your peers.

If you're still having trouble, please reach out to support@Inspired.co and we'd be happy to help!

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